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Give a Giver a Gift Bathroom Reno Contest

Give a giver a gift!

Have you ever noticed that it’s the hardest working people who seem to be the ones who give the most back and spend the most time volunteering? Have you also noticed how they quietly go about helping their neighbours, working on committees, coaching other people’s kids and generally building their communities? But never seem to look for recognition or even ask to be thanked for what they do! Maybe it’s prairie modesty? They’re just too darn humble to stand up and say “Hey! How about a little recognition over here!” At Walker-Wakefield, we plan to change that. Along with a number of like-minded partners in the local construction trades, we are going to give these modest good deed doers the thanks and recognition they deserve.

We all know someone who fits this bill. Maybe it’s your kid’s soccer coach, or the treasurer of your community association, or the neighbour who volunteers at the Friendship Inn every week. They work hard all day and then spend their free time helping out in the community. Here’s your chance to thank them! Tell us about them and we will publicly thank them on our Facebook page and on the pages of the other sponsors of the contest. Let’s get the word out about these generous and important members of our community.

But it doesn’t end there! We will choose 5 finalists from the nominees to feature in videos to be posted on YouTube and Facebook. Then, one lucky winner, chosen by public voting will be awarded a bathroom renovation worth approximately $7,500!

How to Nominate a Deserving Volunteer

To nominate a deserving volunteer, send us an email to giveagiveragift@gmail.com. Please include the following info: your name, phone number, and relation to the person you are nominating; The nominees name and contact information; the nominees contribution to the community (where they volunteer, what they do, how much time they spend, etc.); why they need/deserve a new bathroom; if you have one, please attach a photo of the volunteer. Note, we will contact every nominee to get permission to publish their name and photo before we post anything online. By submitting a nomination, you agree to abide by the contest rules found here: Contest Rules


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